Over the past decades, the number of different shapes of wine glass already ranges from inexpensive and basic to exorbitant and elaborate. Though there are still stemware options that are specific to a variety, universal glasses are the ideal choice for any wine style. Here are some of the points to consider to choose the correct glass for your wine:

Size matters

Regardless if your wine is fortified, sparkling, rose, white, or red, aromas serve an important role in its total appeal. The smaller the bowl, the more challenging it is for the aromas to get out of the glass for you to enjoy. Larger bowls enable more oxygen to reach the wine. Also, the wine can easily be swirled, which doesn’t only look cool, but it helps in opening up and aerate the wine once it is done properly.

Variety particular vs. white or simple red

Over the past years, glasses have been intended for only about each major variety of grape. Every wine style has its particular characters when it comes to alcohol, tannin, fruit expression, and acidity. Also, the various shapes of glass can either mellow or intensify those attributes. If you wish to develop a great collection, it would be a great means to travel. But, you can go for a red or standard Cabernet, wine glass for all red wines. Moreover, white wines are best suited to be used in a Chardonnay glass to refrain from losing out the wine’s intricacies.

Thin glasses

Thin is in nowadays when it comes to wine glasses. Its thin, super-light lip and stem of the glass has made it feel like you are barely grasping a glass at all. Such elegant collections of thin glass may include Zenology and Zalto. Top wine restaurants and tasting rooms provide their best and finest wines and serve them using this kind of glassware. Although, you need to keep in mind that this glass is extremely delicat since they are refined. If your home usually has broken wine glasses, then you might consider looking for something that’s more substantial such as Fusion or Riedel.

Stems vs. stemless

Though stemless glasses could be a great choice for daily enjoyment and use, they might not be the perfect selection to be used in wines that are of high-quality. They enable users to grasp its bowl, instead of a base or stem, which causes the temperature of the wine to rise because of the hand’s heat. Though this is not a big deal for red wines, it can be for white wines. Moreover, smudge marks and fingerprints are also common if you have stemless glassware.

One glass for all

If you refrain to select which glasses are perfect for a particular wine as you are wine shopping San Diego, then the only way to go is to choose a universal glass that’s sized nearly in between a smaller red and Chardonnay glass. A universal glass is the most flexible option to delight in all your loved wines, even sparkling wines.